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Managed Print Services - Fully Maintained Print Solution

managed print services - MPS solution
managed print services - MPS solution

Document printing can be one of the largest expenses for many organizations, costing up to 5% of revenue annually. Yet many organizations don’t have the time, staff, or expertise to effectively monitor and manage their print environment. Controlling print costs may not be your core business but it is critical to the success of your business.

At Pro Print Solutions we work with cutting-edge imaging technologies and workflow solutions and offer expertise to help you improve the performance of your print enterprise through Managed Print Services (MPS).

Our MPS program supports all aspects of your output environment to help you minimize cost, increase productivity, and ensure environmental sustainability. We develop customized solutions to help you design an optimized print environment to meet your needs

Managed Print Services from Pro Print Solutions
is a wholistic view to print management. We can help
your organization:

• Identify and control the true costs of your
current print environment as well as identify potential savings

• Acquire the optimal mix of output devices to
meet the needs of your organization

• Maximize uptime of print devices through continuous monitoring and proactive support

• Reduce internal print support demands,
allowing IT to focus on higher priority projects

• Simplify device management through a reporting system that accounts for all printers and
operating costs
managed print services - MPS solution
managed print services - MPS solution
The initial step is to understand your current
environment. To do this we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your print infrastructure. This helps to
bring visibility to who prints, what they’re printing, and
how they print. During this audit we identify:

• Current costs of printing

• Which devices are expensive to operate
• Quantifiable user feedback on print
access and job priority

• Potential areas of improvement for
document workflow and security
managed print services - MPS solution
The discovery phase helps pinpoint the bottlenecks and areas of inefficiency within your print environment relating to hardware, placement, and document
workflow. Upon understanding your document needs, our MPS professionals will work with you to design a solution that will optimize your print environment to fit the way your organization works. The solution may include:

• Migrating volume from over-utilized or
expensive to operate devices

• Replacing single function devices with
multifunctional devices

• Integrating cost control software into
your workflow

• Recommendations for workflow automation


  managed print services - MPS solution
managed print services - MPS solution

Before beginning implementation, we will work with you to identify key stakeholders within your organization to champion the project internally. Communication is key in assisting employees with transition, and our team of MPS professionals will work closely with your organization to make this transition seamless. New devices and software will be installed in line with an agreed upon schedule and comprehensive end user training will be conducted and tailored to meet your organizational

managed print services - MPS solution
At Pro Print Solutions we understand that managing your business documents is an ongoing process. As your business changes over time, your print needs will, too. We will continue to work with you to make sure your print fleet is always optimally located, optimally running, and optimally managed. We will also continue to look for new opportunities to streamline and improve your business processes. We will conduct regular strategy evaluations, have quarterly business reviews, and consult with you whenever you need—ensuring the services you are receiving meet or exceed your expectations.
managed print services - MPS solution
Managing the day-to-day needs of your diverse printing fleet can be a full-time job, so once up and running our Fleet Support Center will monitor and manage all devices covered under your MPS contract. Our remote monitoring solution can identify, down to the device, when supplies are low and when service is needed.

This allows end users to focus on their core business priorities with reliable output devices. It also frees
IT from device maintenance and meter capture,
while administration gains insight into accurate
device usage metrics.

managed print services - MPS solution


• Canon's official North West's Accredited Partner
• Offers nationwide print management capabilities
• Provides certified training and support
• A single-source solutions provider
• Offers nationwide coverage
• Delivers customized solutions to fit any business size or type
• Only use genuine OEM parts and supplies
• Offers a diverse range of input-to-output technology

We are dedicated to supporting you with superior solutions, highly skilled professionals, and advanced diagnostic systems to maintain peak performance across your entire print fleet.
With ongoing consultation, we can further your document management capabilities to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and productivity. Start saving and take control of your printing costs today with Managed Print Services from Pro Print Solutions.

managed print services - MPS solution